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We believe that the Property Record Card (PRC) is one of the key outputs of any mass appraisal software. It should be easy to read and not require any special knowledge of the software program that produced it. The PRC should not contain complicated codes that you need to decipher and explain to the average taxpayer or board of review member who might be reviewing it. The PRC should be able to stand on its own and there should be many formats for it, which can be used for various functions and persons who may be viewing it.

Visual PAMSPro™ currently provides over 50 different Property Record Card formats, and every year we add several new formats. Each Property Record Card contains pertinent information related to a parcel, buildings, sales, permits, assessments, photographs, drawings, etc. Each Property Record Card format will display different information and have a different layout. You may select as many formats as you need for your office. Typical uses for these different formats would include a residential card, a commercial card, an in-office only card, a taxpayer card, a board of review card, etc.  Each PRC format you decide to use can be named to whatever makes sense in your office and referenced in the software by that user defined name.

We have included a few sample Property Record Cards in Adobe Acrobat format that you may view. To view a Property Record Card, please click on the Property Record Card name below.


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Property Record Card  PRC

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